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The Benefits of Choosing a Family-Owned Assisted Living Community in Danville, KY

Parkview Assisted Living - caretaker with resident

When it comes time to choose an assisted living facility for a loved one, the decision can be daunting. With numerous large-scale corporate complexes available in Danville, sometimes it can be refreshing to look at to smaller, family-owned establishments for your care needs. In Danville, one community that sticks out is Parkview. 100% family and locally owned, we are here for our residents day in and day out. Our smaller size and personalized care offers a unique set of advantages worth considering.

Personalized Care and Attention

Family-owned assisted living facilities, like ours in Danville, often excel in providing personalized care. With fewer residents than larger institutions, our staff can get to know each individual personally. This familiarity allows us to tailor care and activities to each resident's preferences and needs, creating a warm and nurturing environment that feels more like home. Our staff feels the residents are akin to family, telling long stories, doing activities together, and celebrating life.

Consistent Staff and Familiar Faces

At our facility, we pride ourselves on our low staff turnover by treating our staff right. This consistency means that residents see familiar faces daily, which can be especially comforting for seniors and helps build trust and friendship within the community. It also means our staff are highly experienced and deeply understand our home's care philosophy and the specific needs of our residents.

Community and Family Involvement

Being family-owned means that we cherish community and family involvement. We encourage family members to visit and participate in activities, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Our doors are always open to the families of residents and the community, strengthening the bonds that are essential for creating a supportive living environment. We strive to be a good neighbor in our corner of Danville right next to Millenium Park.

Flexibility to Meet Individual Needs

Our smaller size also provides us with the flexibility to adapt quickly to the changing needs of our residents. Whether it's adjusting care plans, accommodating dietary restrictions, or organizing special activities, our facility can make swift changes that larger centers might not be able to manage as easily.

A Commitment to Quality Care in Assisted Living

As a family-owned facility, Parkview's reputation and the care we provide are deeply personal to us. We are committed to maintaining high standards of care and ensuring that all residents live in comfort and dignity. Our hands-on approach allows us to oversee and maintain quality control in every aspect of our operations.

In conclusion, choosing a family-owned assisted living facility in Danville, like ours, offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance the living experience for seniors. We are dedicated to providing a caring and nurturing environment where every resident is treated like family.

If you're looking for a place where your loved one will receive personalized care, consider visiting us to see the difference a family-owned facility can make.

Consider the difference Parkview can make in your lives. Our commitment to our residents and their families is what makes us a leading choice for senior living in the area.


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