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Our Rooms

At Parkview Assisted Living, our versatile room layouts are designed to fit your unique preferences, needs, and budget with private and semi-private rooms and suites.

Parkview Assisted Living Private Room


Our private rooms offer residents a peaceful and personalized living space. With a private room, you can enjoy complete privacy and control over your environment. It allows you to decorate and arrange the space according to your preferences, fostering a sense of familiarity and comfort. You can also enjoy uninterrupted rest, quiet time, and the freedom to invite guests whenever you wish

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Parkview Assisted Living Semi Private Room


Our Semi Private rooms provide a great opportunity for socialization and companionship. Sharing a room allows you to connect with another resident and build new friendships, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. It offers a supportive and inclusive living environment where you can engage in meaningful conversations and create lasting memories together. Sharing costs with a roommate also makes it an affordable option for individuals seeking companionship and community

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Parkview Assisted Living Private Suite

Grand Comfort

Our Suites provide ample space for comfort and flexibility. With extra square footage, these rooms offer the opportunity to create distinct living areas for sleeping, relaxing, and pursuing personal hobbies. The additional space can accommodate personal belongings and furniture, allowing you to maintain a familiar and home-like atmosphere. Large rooms are ideal for individuals who value spaciousness and want room for mobility or additional furnishings. Available in a Private or Semi Private Room Type.

Modern Home Library

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